Clearsol Africa set to launch a new TV station in Kenya

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Clearsol Africa set to launch a new TV station in Kenya

Clearsol Africa Limited is set to unveil a new television station, the 1st one in its stable after obtaining its commercial broadcasting license from communications authority of Kenya.
The new station, Channel, is a 24-hour station that will focus on delivering comprehensive, incisive news, Entertaining local content, current affairs programming, documentaries, Music, and features. The station which is a fully-owned subsidiary of Clearsol Africa Limited will also be airing entertainment such as music, movies, local and foreign soap operas as well as other programmes. It is aimed at informing, educating and entertaining its viewers.
The new station will cover an approximate potential area of 5 million viewers in Kenya. This includes regions in Western Kenya, Parts of Nyanza, Rift Valley & North Rift in Kenya;
Mr. Bushebi Junior (Click to read about Chief Executive Officer),  of Clearsol Africa Limited said that the new TV station will cover Busia, Bungoma, Kakamega, Vihiga, and Trans-Nzoia counties with a future expansion plan.
He said that the company has combined its expertise to come up with the best TV, programmes, professional structural media departments, and multiple distribution of media including social media strategies to engage our audiences across the region.
“It’s painful to see many regional TV stations failing to do a good job. Too much erratic programming, unprofessionalism, and technical ignorance. Watching TV station in this region is like watching junk on YouTube and any in house production is no different!”
He also said, the new TV will work in partnership with highly skilled local production companies or stables in the region too.

” I have been in Media for the last 10 years. By now we all know that Communications Authority of Kenya requires nothing less than 60% of local content to be aired.” He said
“We have to focus on quality and talent. The company will work with local producers for content, but with nothing short of quality”

This region has rapidly growing urban centers with relatively developed major towns that are densely populated hitting 5 million people.
The towns are also practically metropolitan. People believe in entrepreneurship, Entertainment, family, religion, culture, education and employment.

With increase in attaining an above-average education, the ability to find formal wage or salaried nonfarm employment has shot up. This has made affordability of television as nucleus families, individuals or public set ups both in urban and rural areas possible. Politics, leadership, entertainment, and image of class has made TV consumption almost a need.
Finally people from these regions will have something to smile about after the television station fully
dedicated to them has been set.

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