Branding and Marketing

Unlike Marketing (informing the market about a brand) Branding is as vital to the success of a business or non-profit organization.
Your brand is what remains after marketing period is gone. It will appear in all your publications and media and world platforms. Your brand is what people relate to and remain with. In order to give a good impression to the masses, corporate or personal identity plays a cardinal role in expanding the number of clients and to develop a good level of trust with them.
Business cards, envelops, CD covers, stamps, file covers, diary covers, notepad covers, pens, key chains, letterhead and mugs etc.

A brand is the qualities, value, and person of the product or service depicted through your business or personal designs:

1.Visual Branding Tools

This is an important category. We often mistake a brand as a whole for the visual representation of the brand. A particular style or logo evokes brand instantly. The essential tools in this category are:
i.Logo ii. Tagline iii. Website

2.Content Marketing Branding Tools
Social Media

So what should your Brand do?

~Clearly, deliver the message
~Confirm your credibility
~Emotionally connect your target ~prospect with your product and or service.
~Motivate the buyer to buy
~Create User Loyalty

Content is king. Your tools in this arena might include:
a) Research
b) Conferences
c) Books
d) Newsletter
e) Videos/TV or Radio advertising
f) Blogs


With a Strong Brand, You Can:
1.Command higher rates of market penetration and trust
2.Generate sales more easily
3.Achieve a higher visibility and loyalty rate
4.Recruit more effectively
5.Have fewer competitive bid situations
Let’s help you build your Brand.